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The Crusader of Faith and Love

The Crusader of Faith and Love

She stood there like a mountain,
Against the wind that blew harder,
She stood there with the feet cemented,
For the cause that she felt right to stand for.
The world rejected her completely,
Flay her with curse words,
But still, she did not kneel,
As she stood for faith and love.
Her faith in the action against the wrong,
Her love for the devotion to the right,
Both together in her, versus the injustice,
From which she derived the strength to stand.
Her life inspiring than of mighty Gods,
Her present that would be a glorious history,
But all she needs some more faith in her and some more love,
So that the strength does not dissolve in this crusader of faith and love.


The Worshipper

He praised her like the greatest,

Had her wishes filled to the fullest,

Never allowed to drop a tear out of sorrow even a slightest,

And had in his heart given the place reserved for the best.

Everyday he bought her the flowers,

Gave all comfort with all the toil he could have in wonders,

He respected her in each and every form of life’s colors,

And bowed to her for the only one thing that she had offered.

When asked him what was so special about her ?

Why in cold nothing for himself but for her all the woolen fur,

What blinded him for her which was no different from other,

Why so love and affection which never with time wither ?

He answered them all at once,

With a single word shut up their guns,

And left all of them to the astonished stuns,

That I worship my life, that’s what everyone does”.

”In the midst of heavy rain and the growling thunder,

In front of the mighty flood I was only a slender,

And she was the one who had lost her son in the age tender,

In the same flood which had left all in horrified wonder !

At that time I was abandoned alone by the force of nature,

Had lost everyone and was the week scavenger,

And almost after more than hour,

I fainted and fell on the ground like the dead creature.

She was the one who gathered the strength from the grief saddened,

She was the one who came for this fatefully orphaned,

And picked me up and walked for routes now lengthened,

In the midst of the rain and the flood strengthened.

After hours of walking she left me to the care,

And at the hospital doorstep she fainted there,

And when I woke I was the one alive of few after the trauma fun fair,

Thanks to the lady who was now on the wheel chair ! ”

Tears had rolled from the eyes of listeners,

This was a story never told in human manners,

There were left no questionnaires,

As they saw the boy serving the old lassie.

He took of her the utmost care,

Both combined by fate for which they paid a heavy fare,

But now it guided them in the ways fair,

He kept on worshipping the old lady on the wheel chair !!