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She – In My Memories !

The light of the evening was falling on my face,

I could only remember her smile though a trace,

My eyes shone bright with a slow pace,

She was living in my memory, after death was the case.

I cherished her in the setting sun,

Those beautiful evenings spent together – the best one,

All I could do was hear her, as she spoke words weighing ton,

Which brought love in my life, yet replaced by none.

Those last words she said, before she died,

All bring tears in my eyes, leaving me alone and tongue tied,

But then I smiled as I even feel her now in the wind stride,

And feel auspicious as she happened to me, and life seemed the best ride.

What I see in the setting sun, is the spring kiss,

That she kept on my cheek, that I still miss

And after all this time,

It’s her with me, my life’s only bliss !



Being born was a matter of coincidence,
With that the life began,
And it grew to the adolescence,
Which felt the beginning of toughness now and then.

Until that all was fun,
Nothing more than a school day naughtiness,
But then feelings came overwhelming in a ton,
And all lost was that sweet childish tenderness.

With adolescence grew the feeling called love,
Searching here as if the reason for sole existence,
While not all but a few were made into the pair of dove,
By that same once again a moments coincidence.

Then came the time for facing the reality,
To live in the world and to earn for living,
Many lost into total anonymity,
As only few coincided with luck to be the supreme being.

Anyhow life went as usual for all,
With failure or success to a small account,
With each living person from tiny to tall,
Thus played the time sitting on the coincidence mount.

And as further processed, in this daily changing world,
Growth made old even the fiercest strength,
To the shelf of even not being able to utter a single word,
When the coincidence of death sat beside the graveyard, on the bench